Will Invisalign Improve My Jawline?

Many of my patients are eager to try Invisalign as a subtle way to straighten their teeth. But one other question I get asked a lot is, “Will Invisalign improve my jawline?”

Invisalign helps to realign your teeth in the same way that traditional metal braces do. And while the Invisalign process is relatively the same, some people will be concerned that Invisalign can’t do as much as braces. With braces, you can have your jaw or overbite corrected with the use of rubber bands; a tactic that clearly isn’t available with clear aligners.

At Big Smile Dental, we make sure that our patients have all the information you need upfront and center. So… will Invisalign improve your jawline?

You’ll be surprised at just how much it can do.

Will Invisalign Improve My Jawline?

Let’s cut to the chase… yes! Yes, Invisalign can improve your jawline. It may take a little while longer to see results, but the same rules apply to traditional braces. An uneven jawline can be uncomfortable and cause serious pain. Because your teeth alignment may be the cause of this pain, correcting your teeth placement with Invisalign will ultimately relive that pain and improve your jawline.

Keep in mind that Invisalign won’t be able to improve your jawline if the problem is more severe. Each patient varies, but typically I can recommend Invisalign to patients who want that perfect smile and a sense of ease when it comes to tender jawlines.

How Invisalign Can Reshape Your Face

We’ve talked about the Invisalign process before, but here’s a refresher.

When we decide to move forward with this treatment, I will have you come in to get your teeth scanned by our fancy, high-tech machine. Don’t worry— it’s painless! What this machine does is, it takes 3D scans of the full layout of your teeth and jaw. No more sticky impression making you gag or choke! This helps us map out a new plan for your teeth that you will be able to see right away. The arrangement of your teeth will change every few weeks with Invisalign, so you’ll get new clear aligners so that your teeth (and your face) can reshape accordingly.

If you want to see the results for yourself, make sure to check out our Invisalign before and after page!

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What Else Can Invisalign Do?

Most people focus on the cosmetic solutions that Invisalign provides, but it does so much more than that! Invisalign can help with overbites, underbites, and even crossbites. By realigning your teeth, you can help relieve symptoms associated with TMJ including ear pain and headaches.

Disproportionate teeth also cause a strain on your jawline. You can usually feel it at the corners on your mouth right below your ears. This problem can lead to teeth grinding and even pain in your neck.

Correcting your jawline with Invisalign is kind of like putting oil on the Tin Man’s mouth; it loosens the grip to make your bite looser and more comfortable. After your complete Invisalign session, your jaw will feel a sense of relief that you haven’t felt in years!

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