How does the cost of Invisalign® Compare to Braces?

Invisalign® is a unique patented technology, but perhaps the best part about it is that its cost is not very different from traditional metal braces. Some people believe that Invisalign® treatment costs more than traditional braces, while others believe just the opposite. However, the truth may lie somewhere between the two extremes. The overall cost of either treatment primarily depends on the complexity of the case, and the length of the treatment required to correct the problem.

There are a few other factors that influence the cost of treatment, as well. The skills and experience of the cosmetic dentist are very important to a successful treatment. Therefore, the costs may vary depending on the quality of care and personalized attention that the dentist may devote, and the superior expertise of the dentist in orthodontic treatments. Geographical factors also impact the overall cost of treatment because the cost of living index may differ between different regions.

In some cases, the treatment may last for a year, while in some other cases the braces may have to be worn for up to three years. So the visits to the dentist go up by that many times, and the cost keeps adding up. In case of a longer treatment, Invisalign may prove to be more expensive because new aligners must be prepared as the treatment progresses. By some estimates, the treatment cost for Invisalign® and traditional braces may range anywhere between $2,500 and $10,000 depending on various factors. The merciful part is that the treatment is permanent and the results last for a lifetime. So there are no recurring expenses to maintain the new look of your teeth.

When it comes to aesthetics, it is a priceless gift to have beautiful teeth. It is difficult to put a price on inner peace and joy and a lifetime of million dollar smiles. This is what cosmetic dentistry can achieve for you.

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