5 Things You Didn’t Know About Invisalign

Invisalign has become a household name and has worked up a reputation as the leading alternative to braces. You’ll recognize it as the clear, plastic retainer that somehow magically straightens your teeth without any metal hardware. But one of the things you didn’t know about Invisalign is that its popularity derives from many sources.

So brace yourselves because I’m about to clue you in on 5 amazing, incredible, and downright interesting facts that you didn’t know about Invisalign.

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5. It Can Improve Your Health

I’m not going to bore you with the fancy dentist talk. We all know that dental hygiene is a vital daily practice, but most people associate a straight smile as a vanity metric. But the advantages of Invisalign aren’t simply cosmetic.

If you have crowded teeth, you run the risk of not fulling cleaning each tooth. If this goes on long enough, you can develop issues like cavities and even gum disease. Problems such as overbites (yes, Invisalign can treat overbites) can be painful on the jaw and can even cause breathing issues.

4. Many Celebrities Use Them

If you’ve taken a tour through my website, you’ll see that a good amount of my clients are beauty pageant winners. But they’re not the only high-profile clients who know that an unwavering smile is worthy of investment.

You might not see it all too often in Chicago, but in places like LA, actors and even YouTubers flaunt the fact that they’ve used Invisalign. Emma Watson, Tom Cruise, and Zac Efron have all used these clear aligners. So if you think that an award-winning smile can help brighten your own career, why not try it?

3. You Rarely Have To Go To The Dentist

A trip to the dentist’s office is always met with hesitation. I’m not really sure why— it’s kind of like going shopping for a new outfit. Except, instead of coming home with a new fancy dress or blouse, you get to leave with a radiant and clean smile.

The good news with Invisalign is that it doesn’t involve repeat trips to our office or to your local Chicago dentist. We’ll meet once to get a digital scan of your teeth (that’s right, no nasty molds here!) and then a few more times to hand you off a new set of aligners to keep the process going. And after a year or so (many times much sooner), you’re treatment should be done!

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2. It’s Not One-Size-Fits-All

One of the things you didn’t know about Invisalign is that it isn’t a viable solution for everyone. Some dentists don’t think they’re fitting for children, and in severe cases, you might have to stick with traditional braces. At Big Smile Dental, we understand that most people would prefer Invisalign to braces, but the only way we can determine if this is the right fit is if you come in for a consultation. This one-size-does not-fits-all concept also means that each Invisalign piece is custom made to fit your mouth and dental arch.

1. It Uses Impressive Technology

As I mentioned, we use 3D scanners in order to track the movement of your teeth in lieu of those really uncomfortable molds. This technology allows us to actually track how your teeth are moving. The SmartTrack scanner even enables us to show you exactly how your teeth will look after Invisalign treatment.

Pretty cool, huh?

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