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The benefits of dental care can’t be expressed exclusively with dollars and cents. It could be said good oral care is priceless. Yet Big Smile Dental understands the “bill” may be a source of dental fear greater than the dreaded “drill.”

It’s estimated around 126 million Americans do not have dental coverage. Those without insurance are also more likely to have missing teeth and untreated gum disease. The consequences of such financial hardship go beyond oral health. These individuals suffer from medical conditions at a greater rate than their insured counterparts. Consider how those without insurance:

  • Have a 67 percent greater likelihood of developing heart disease
  • Are 50 percent more likely to have osteoporosis
  • Are 29 percent more likely to be diabetic

You and your family may have insurance coverage. Yet, you may be surprised to find out a treatment you thought would be covered isn’t. There may be gaps between what insurance pays and the cost of a treatment recommended by Big Smile Dental.

First, Big Smile Dental’s skilled professionals will navigate the complex insurance process to assure you get the benefits that are due to you.

Second, Big Smile Dental provides many payment options to close the gap between what insurance covers and the total cost of care. In addition to 12-month, interest-free financing, patients who pre-pay get a 5 percent discount on their services.

Seniors receive a 10 percent discount on total care, as long as they pay in full at the start of treatment. As you may have seen, we regularly promote limited-time offers for services on our website, so you can get the same top-notch, quality care that patients have come to expect from Big Smile Dental at a reduced rate.

Perhaps most importantly, Big Smile Dental staff will discuss any concerns you may have during a consultation. Staff will work with you and your budget. Collectively, these factors add up to affordable family dentistry in Chicago. Our team is proud to remove any barriers to treatment that may keep your family from being its happiest and healthiest. Bring your concerns to us, and schedule an appointment by calling 773-772-8400.

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