Parent’s guide to great child dental care and oral health

Nothing can warm parents’ hearts like the smiling faces of their children – and nothing can wipe the smile off of a little face as fast as a toothache. Baby teeth may be temporary, but they stay around long enough to get plaque, cavities, infections, and toothaches if neglected. At Big Smile Dental, we are committed to keeping the little smiles throughout Chicago healthy.

Every day, brave adults don metal braces and proudly flash a “tin grin.” The truth is, they work great for adults, but many of us just aren’t willing to do it. We understand. We want you to love your smile, but you don’t have to embrace it if that makes you uncomfortable. Neither do you have to live with crooked teeth.

Early care

Prevention is the best medicine. The ADA advises that children see a dentist when the first tooth erupts or by one year of age. Regular checkups are the key to detecting potential problems early, before they become painful for your child and costly for you.

Preventive medicine

Candy isn’t the only reason that kids are prone to cavities. It takes time to learn any skill, including brushing and flossing. We work with children to help them develop good habits and understand their oral health, but it still takes a while – and there is limited space in a little mouth. They often miss areas, or rush through the process. Combine this with the fact that molars have difficult-to-clean grooves and fissures, and you have a recipe for cavities.

Dental sealants put a clear protective layer between the tooth and attacking bacteria. They are like superhero capes for teeth – invisible, powerful, and impenetrable by enemy forces.


Sugars and high-acid foods or beverages are the enemy of teeth. They erode enamel, which is the beginning of a cavity. However, good nutrition is about more than just avoiding the bad stuff. Many foods are actually good for little teeth, and growing bodies.

Calcium-rich foods help strengthen teeth, and developing bones. Cheese is especially beneficial, as it may have additional cavity-fighting properties. High-vitamin fruits and vegetables help strengthen the immune system, decreasing the risk of many oral and overall health problems. Crunchy, non-sweet veggies have the added benefit of scraping plaque off of the teeth as you eat. Try trading cookies for a snack like cheese-stuffed celery once in a while!

When you bring you little one to our office, we will provide more oral hygiene instructions, valuable tips, and nutritional advice to you and your child. Call 773-772-8400 to schedule an appointment today.

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