Why do kids love going to the dentist?

Childhood is a magical time, filled with hundreds of smiles every day. In fact, according to statistics, kids smile about 400 times daily, and we want every one of those smiles to be healthy. We also want to see those smiles, and lots of them. Unfortunately, smiling is the last thing most kids feel like doing when they hear the word “dentist,” so we decided to change that.

Making dental visits fun

We understand children’s dental needs, common oral hygiene challenges, and the best treatments. We also understand something that can’t be learned in dental school. Actually, it’s something that can’t be learned at all, but it can be forgotten all too easily. That is the art of having fun, enjoying life, and using our own smiles. In short, we still remember what it was like to be a kid, and we still practice regularly. Yes, we are highly educated professionals who take our work very seriously, but we’ve never seen a scowl improve the quality of anyone’s work (or anything else for that matter.)

Every little one loves to visit aunts, uncles, and family friends who are fun to be around, and let kids be kids. We’ve found that, when the dental team becomes your child’s friends, he or she suddenly loves visiting the dentist.

Gentle care

Kids are like adults in many ways. One of their biggest worries about a dental visit is pain. If that is what they experience, no amount of toys, jokes, or child-friendly measures can make them like the dentist. We understand. We wouldn’t like someone who hurt us either, which is why we are very careful and gentle with every procedure we perform, on patients of all ages.

Adequate anesthetic, using technique instead of force to perform extractions, and customizing care to each patient’s needs are just a few of the measures that can take the pain out of dentistry. Perhaps the most important is simple human compassion. We don’t want to hurt anyone; we want to help. Therefore, we take patient comfort into consideration with every child or adult we treat. It might sound like a simple approach, but it works remarkably well.

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