Stay in the loop: Learn about the latest technology in dentures

Dentures sound like old news. They’ve been around since the beginning of dentistry, yet they remain one of the most popular dental appliances. You might think we would have a better solution by now. In fact, we do – but they have the same name. Today’s dentures have little in common with the uncomfortable and unattractive appliances you might remember grandma wearing.

What’s new in the world of dentures?

  • Better materials – Dentures are made from resin, but that doesn’t mean they have to look like plastic. If you are envisioning a frighteningly fake smile better suited to a Halloween costume than daily wear, you are thinking of old-school dentures.
  • Improved design – No more slipping, sliding, or popping out. Properly designed modern dentures fit snugly, which means they can form suction and stay in place. Many people find denture adhesive unnecessary, especially for upper plates.
  • Implant options – Want to be free of adhesives forever, and eat anything you want? Dental implants aren’t just for replacing individual teeth. Full or partial dentures can be stabilized with implants, making them comparable to natural teeth.

But, not all dentures are created equal

You might be thinking, if modern dentures are so great, then why do I hear so many complaints? Why do I see people with obviously fake teeth? How can I be sure my dentures will be better than that? In truth, the difference is in the dentist.

Creating a beautiful, comfortable denture is entirely possible with today’s technology and materials. Of course, creating a masterpiece painting is entirely possible if you use a quality canvas and the best paints available. Yet only a true artist can meet the challenge. Similarly, only a genuine dental artist can design a truly breathtaking smile. The team at Big Smile Dental is known for unparalleled quality and service, which have earned us a number of awards including Angie’s List Super Service, Best Dentist in Chicago, America’s Best Dentists and more.

See for yourself what a difference cosmetic dentures can make. Call us at 773-772-8400 and schedule an appointment today.

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